An Exclusive Online Webinar hosted by Rachel & Kristen of Clarity on Fire

How to figure out what to do with your life in 2 steps


Wouldn't it be nice to get unstuck?

If you're overwhelmed and uncertain about your direction, and if you'd like a couple of experts to give you some of their best guidance about how to have a fulfilling life & career, then WELCOME! You're in the right place.

This workshop is going to be fun, casual, and incredibly helpful. We're going to send you off feeling lighter, clearer, and more inspired than you've probably felt in a LONG time. Join us while you can, because we only do free workshops a few times per year! 

Rachel & Kristen

This workshop is perfect for you if:

The word "career" makes you feel a sense of dread or overwhelm.
You're doubting if it's possible to *actually* have a job you love.
You feel trapped, but have no idea how to get free.
You've realized that no matter how much thinking you do, you never get any closer to figuring things out.
You want to believe that you could feel passionate about your life & career, you just aren't sure how.
You're tired of people giving you lame, overly simplified advice that doesn't work.
You're pretty clear on what you *don't* want, but have no idea what you'd *rather* be doing.
You're tired of feeling like life is "OK," but rarely "great."